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LEARN the Word



Are you seeking a church but not sure what to expect?

Check out our livestream or recorded services as a way to preview what to expect at Gospel. 


When you join us in person for Sunday morning service at 10:30a, expect parking on both sides of the building including handicap and guest parking spaces near the main entrance. 

Inside, expect to see people young and old... dressed up and dressed casually. 

Expect clear teaching from the Bible. 

Expect most people around you to participate in all portions of the service. 

Expect not to be pointed out, embarrassed, or singled out by the speaker.

Expect plenty of people to be hanging around after service.  Feel free to ask them questions.

Already know what you are looking for in a church home?  Gospel is a disciplemaking church where emphasis is placed on faith alone in Jesus and living by obedience to the Scripture.  We are not a social club or a place to just 'do church' on Sunday mornings.  These brief video clips may help explain our high commitment to authentic church family.

Are you new to "God" or still checking out "Jesus"?  We pray these 2 videos can be a great help to explaining what it means to become a Christian.

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