CONNECT with each other

Disciplemaking is demonstrated in the life of Jesus as something that happens as we live in community.  The New Testament church is described in Acts 2 as living all week long "together."  God instructs us about a together lifestyle as a church family through the "one another" commands of the New Testament (love, admonish, care, etc.).  This genuine connection is a lifestyle for all week long not just one hour on Sunday morning.


Meet weekly

Groups of 8-10 people

40 day commitment

sermon series  discussion





Meet weekly

Groups of 6-12 people

9 month commitment

Bible study & relational discussions





In a world of disjointed interactions, aquaintences, and pressures to be fake, GBC invites you to be "real" with a small group of people.  We set aside time for "small group discipleship" where multigenerational groups invest in each other through 5 practices from the life of Christ.
     1. Scripture-centric discussion
     2. Prayerful dependance
     3. Adoring Christ
     4. Real Relationships
     5. Caring for others

"How To...?"

Many parts of the Christian life and spiritual disciplines are not easy to teach, demonstrate, or flesh out in a churchwide service or Sunday School study.  So in a collection of 4-6 minute coaching videos, our pastor team will share some tips and helps for getting going in different areas of the Christian life.  If you have questions or suggestions for "How To" topics, please email us.