LEARN the Word

New Here?  Let us help!

If you are new to "God" or still checking out "Jesus," we pray these 2 videos can be a great help to explaining what it means to become a Christian.

If you are a believer seeking a Bible teaching church to be committed to and involved with, GBC might be the place for you!

If you are still asking questions but haven't made a decision about Jesus yet, we would love to help.

If you are ready to follow Jesus, but don't know what that looks like or how to get started, we would love to help.

Your easiest first step is joining us for Sunday morning service at 10:30a.  As you arrive, we have parking lots on both sides of the building and you may use either one.  Inside you will find people young and old... dressed up and dressed casually.  If you have a Bible, you may want to bring it as we will be using it in the service.  Those leading the service will invite everyone to participate in each portion of the service but feel free to just observe.  No one will point you out or embarrass you.  After service there will be plenty of people hanging out and many of them would be happy to introduce you to one of the pastor team, or show you around and answer your questions.

Already know what you are looking for in a church home?  Gospel is a disciplemaking church where emphasis is placed on faith alone in Jesus and living by obedience to the Scripture.  We are not a social club or a place to just 'do church' on Sunday mornings.  These brief video clips may help explain our high commitment to church.