Standing Strong!

Re-Grand Opening

On April 13th, 2014, Gospel Baptist Church held our Grand-Reopening Service! With over 450 standing strong including 50 new 1st time visitors Gospel Baptist Church re-opened our worship center for the first time in nearly a year! Throughout the last 10 months, Gospel Baptist Church has NOT missed a service since our devastating flash flood that left over 6 inches of water standing in our church. During the clean-up and reconstruction process Gospel Baptist Church continued to hold services in our Family Life Center every Sunday and Wednesday! Thank you all for STANDING STRONG with us as we continue to praise God's glory!

Check out this great video showing the journey of Gospel Baptist Church from the night of the flood to Re-Grand opening, click here . Video credit our late friend Bob Godby.

Gospel Baptist Church Floor Relief - Please Consider Donating

Please Help Our Church

Please Donate To Our Flood Relief Fund

On Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 we experienced a devastating flash flood that left our church with over 6 inches of water/sewage inside nearly every room of the building and repair cost that total over $500,000. Please consider donating to help with our flood relief fund. If you would like to donate online, do so by clicking on the donation button below. View photos of the devastation of the flood that struck Gospel Baptist Church, leaving over 6 inches of water/sewage in our building.

Please Donate To Our Flood Relief Fund